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Whole brain development refers to the use of various tools to develop the brain, while exploiting the rational left brain and sensory right brain, to develop the potential of the brain in an all-round way. It refers to the individualized training of children, students'five senses, six super abilities and eight intelligences with special teaching materials and tools and teaching system to fully stimulate left and right brain potentials, develop whole brain and learn to use whole brain thinking and learning according to the educational concept of whole brain development training and the needs of children's educational practice. Effectively improve students'IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), MQ (moral intelligence quotient) and eight major intelligences.


A variety of courses


All-round Education System Training

Six Major Joining Advantages

Help franchisees develop rapidly

The course effect is obvious

The course is rich, combined with years of teaching experience to create quality courses, Chinese brainpower championship courses, spiritual growth series courses, the results of significant improvement

Enrollment of Opening Students

New Enrollment Model, Fully Utilizing Internet Channels to Develop Enrollment and Drainage

Operational Advantage of Campus

Profit-making operation experience of physical schools, doubling performance for many years in succession, providing trial operation support

Operational Training Advantages

Three-dimensional training of lecturers, teachers, market and principals is provided. The school unifies the assessment and provides better talent guarantee for the school from market to teaching.

Advantages of Course Upgrading

Experienced teaching R&D team, increasing annual investment in teaching R&D, continuous innovation and improvement of curriculum details

Celebrity endorses top competitions

Help the campus to publicize brand image, top-level intellectual international competitions, and help the campus gain both fame and wealth.

Campus Scene Display

Achievement of the cause of both fame and wealth

Qiannaohui Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

Focus on whole brain development

Qiannaohui Education Consulting Co., Ltd. is committed to whole brain development and whole brain education. It started in 2012. It is an educational institution specializing in whole brain potential research, development and training. It belongs to Beijing Qiannaohui Education Group. It is an online education, campus operation, educational products, cultural creativity, film and television media, investment incubator. Group company with integrated products and services. Qiannaohui has brought together international experts in human brain research and internationally renowned educators to develop core quality education courses for childrens brain development. It has built excellent online education system and offline teaching system in China, in order to fully open the pineal gland of chil...


A good teacher can have an impact on a child's life.


Achievement of the cause of both fame and wealth

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